Mission, vision and values


 AIDPROFEN is a registered Congolese non profit organization advocating and promoting women rights in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, founded in the DRC in 2011. Its first activities began in the province of North Kivu in 2012 during the armed conflicts that characterized the province with the rebellion of the March 23 movement called M23 rebellion. AIDPROFEN started its activities in Mungunga displaced camp in North Kivu. At the time, AIDPROFEN focused mainly on gender issues and conditions in which women and children were living in in the IDP camps, many of these civilians were victims of armed conflicts in the DRC perpetrated by rebel groups active in the region. Over time, AIDPROFEN has developed other programs, including a human rights promotion program, sexual and Gender based violence, civil and political rights encourage women and girls civic and political participation, the promotion of peace and democracy in the DRC.


AIDPROFEN asbl has set itself the mission of mobilizing women around the fight against extreme violence, sexual violence and gender-based violence, while at the same time bringing women and girls to an awareness of their rights as human beings for their autonomies and independence in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.


   AIDPROFEN’s vision is of a DRC where women and men have a greater ability to make their voices heard in policies and decisions that affect their lives, benefit from a government that is accountable, and access resources to enable them to improve their quality of life. Our strategic choice is to work for the reduction of vulnerability, protection of civilian populations especially women and girls, access to basic social services and economic recovery activities, but also in sustainable development.

    3. VALUES 

The respect of human rights



Gender equlity





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