our patners


Actions and development initiatives to protect women and children affected by conflict

Receive a support from

  1. NED : The National Endowment for democracy,

Promoting democracy, Good governance and the ruler of low

NED support the implementation of the Education Center of democracy and human rights in DRC where where we pormote woment leaership, women and girls access to different ressources and women and girls political participation  and access to decision making position.

Project : strengthening civil society and promoting non violent action

2. AEDH Agir ensemble pour les droits humains is an non profit organization based in France which promote human right in the world and particulary in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo,

AEDH support AIDPROFEN through the promotion of human rights, we recently published a report on child sexual abused and sexual slavery in the Masisi Territory.

 3. 11.11.11  

Through our youth program, I increase the peaceful participation of girls in the political process and help to develop the next generation of women leaders in the DRC through trainings.

I engage young women in political participation, provide young women with needed skill and knowledge to engage the Congolese government more effectively, help develop the next generation of political government and civil society women leaders and involve women in projects that help improve their lives and their communities.

4. The Carter Center

  • Citizen’s Coffee (“Café citoyen”): Allows youth to interact and discuss with local authorities.
  • Art competition to promote democracy and human’s rights: Drawings, theaters and songs to allow young people to express themselves on civic and political issues in the DRC.
  • Discussion and exchange program on youth commitment and civic engagement, including site visits within public institutions.
  • Training for youth from civil societies organizations, political party, students and artists on non-violence and civil resistance, including LUCHA and other citizen movements on the non-active violence.
  • Meetings with community leaders and leaders of political party on how they can be engaged and support women’s political participation in the DRC.

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