Our Patners

Actions and development initiatives to protect women and children affected by conflict

receive a support from

Agir ensemble pour les droits humains an non profit organization based in France which promote human right in the world and particulary in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo,together we are running a projet  in Nyiragongo territoty where we are promoting the right of  Young girls who has baby( young mother)

WOLD PULSE support our organization by empowering women by using the power of internet and digital media, we give women the opportunity to tell theirs stories, to share theirs own experience and to meet and connect with others women around the world,  AIDPROFEN is actualy connected to Mama shujaa center in  in Bukavu south kivu

Free the slaves,

Us embassy through the Washington fellowship for young african leaders initiatives, Passy Mubalama the founder and coordinator of Action and development initiatives were selected to participate in this flagship program of president OBAMA, bringing 500 young african leaders in the united Nations to experiment the american system


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