AIDPROFEn work and vision

Action and Development Initiatives to protect women and children or AIDPROFEN association, is a nonprofit organisation based in Goma in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The AIDPROFEN association campaigns to promote Congolese women’s rights in North Kivu, where founder Passy Mubalama has worked as a human rights defender for 4 years.


The mission of AIDPROFEN is to advocate for women and children affected by conflict in eastern Congo. Human rights violations in the DRC are numerous. Sexual violence, sexual slavery, torture, murder, trauma, genital mutilation, abduction, discrimination and other serious violations of women’s rights have been reported for decades in DRC.

Through AIDPROFEN programs, support is given to women victims of armed conflict, survivors of sexual violence and victims of gender-based violence. Children who have lost track of their families during the clashes are also a major focus. Psychosocial support is provided to survivors of sexual violence and economic support to enable them to become more autonomous and independent.

AIDPROFEN has initiated a local center for children. In this center children who have lost their parents during the war, orphans and abandoned kids are cared for. These children are helped until their family members are found. To achieve these activities, AIDPROFEN try to mobilize financial resources through self financing, but also the contribution of people of good will and supportive friends. We carry these activities through donations to the association or the submission of projects for funding request.


AIDPROFEN’s goal is to advocate for women , girls and children rights particularly survivor of sexual and gender based violence within the community.

The organisation provides them with different forms of support: economic support as well as psychological support by counseling to allow them to overcome the situation of rape and discrimination.

Furthermore, AIDPROFEN tries hard to provide economic support as many cases of discrimination against survivors are abandoned and rejected by theirs community and family.

The other objectives of AIDPROFEN is to inform women about their rights because AIDPROFEN believe that to have knowledge of their rights is an important key to end gender based violence and to allow women and girls to claim their lives.

How does AIDPROFEN make African women count?

AIDPROFEN’s priority is to educate women about their rights and to show them how to claim them. In Goma, AIDPROFEN installed the local Women’s Committees (CLF) where women gathered and discussed their rights. These discussions attempt to reflect on solutions to the problems of human rights violations against women and how women can contribute to the establishment of peace in Eastern DRC. AIDPROFEN has also organized many conferences and awareness sessions with young students on the topics of women’s right including husband’s permission to work in the DRC and the issue of inheritance.


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